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We are 7th Tower IT Solutions

Total Information Technology service provider devoted to retail software and hardware solutions.

Revolution of 7th Towers

Who we are?

7th Towers IT Solutions is a ERP & POS system selling company powered by Kassa Advertising (PVT) Ltd, A leading digital marketing agency and IT solution company in Sri Lanka. 7th Towers IT solutions is created with comprising a team of highly motivated, creative and experienced software engineering team with highly skilled in local software project development and implementation.

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Services We Provide

What We Do?

We are a complete provider of information technology services dedicated to retail software and hardware solutions. 7th Towers IT Solutions is a place for hard work, commitment, team spirit, loyalty to customers and innovation. In many aspects, our ongoing research and development benefits our clients. We come up with solutions anytime you want to start or grow your company, try out new ventures, etc. With our deep expertise in many sectors, you will be able to make the most of your IT budget by installing our systems in all areas of the business. At 7th tower IT solution, we believe in relationships and where our business is to take care of your business.

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Unique IT Solutions

Special and innovative strategies that meet the needs of the customer by not only realizing the business of the customer.

24/7 Customer Service

For those times when you need assistance, our experts are available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week via customer desk, live chat by phone.

Well Seasoned squad

The technical standard of a highly motivated team's services. Teamwork and high expertise in the implementation of the latest disciplines in technology.

Our Fundamental Strategy

Our fundamental strategy underpins how we work with our customers to achieve successful project results.

ERP Solution
(Enterprise Resource Planning)

For enterprise imaging and workflow, We have customised business software. Within your business, our applications help you manage large volumes of information and operational material. For several sectors, 7th Towers software offers highly scalable solutions.

POS Solution
(Point Of Sale)

For your retail business, We have the best Point of Sale solution. It has an simple interface and all the functionality that your retail or wholesale business needs to handle. Our POS functions in various configurations such that it can be implemented on the same premises or in multiple locations by businesses with single or multiple POS positions.

Web Design And Development

We will build your website in the most sophisticated way and our mission is to provide the highest quality website to manage your company without any problems. We have the best team for web development who can build any sort of website the way you want it.

Mobile Application

Mobile technologies have now become a very unique medium for generating and leading operations in a very efficient way to manage business and support. Our company, our goal is to give your company the best mobile apps and it will be very easy for you to manage it.

Digital Marketing

Launched in 2016 with a Facebook community page called Kassa, Kassa Advertising (PVT) Ltd has now become one of the leading social media advertising agencies in Sri Lanka. Advertising is an important part of a business's success. Through that, advertise a company or service using social media has become the main requirement in today's business world. Our company specializes in creating social media campaigns and social media management for our clients.

Custom Software Development

We offer the production of strong, one-of-a-kind applications designed to meet the specific demands of customers. Our qualified experts know the business game and deliver effective solutions that comply with all the defined criteria while still remaining within time and budget limits.

The Right Price For ERP

We have Three main price plans for you. It will help you to get more idea about the price ranges that we're dealing with.

Budget Plan

We have price plan for 1 PC. This plan will suitable for small scale businesses.

  • For 1 PC
  • Software Only
  • Unlimited Month Customer Service
  • With Limited Customization
  • ( If You need Hardware, It will Cost additionally)
Starter Plan

We have price plan for 3 PCs. This plan will suitable for Medium scale businesses.

  • For 3 PCs
  • Software Only
  • Unlimited Customer Service
  • With Limited Customization
  • ( If You need Hardware, It will Cost additionally)
Professional Plan

We have a better plan for our customers. We gather your business requirements and develop an unique IT solution for you.

  • PCs are depends on your requirement
  • Free 12 Month Customer Support
  • With limited Customization
  • ( If You need Hardware, It will Cost additionally)

See How We Work

Take control over your business by deploying an all in one business data monitoring solution. Take control over your business

Our Main Leaderships

Chathura Dilshan

Director & Founder | BSc. (Hons.) Computer Security Engineer- Plymouth University (UK)

Manisha Amarathunga

Director & Founder | BSc. (Hons.) Software Engineer- Plymouth University (UK)

Kalhara Neranjan Bandara

Director & Shareholder | BSc. (Hons.) Software Engineer- Plymouth University (UK)

Poorna Lakshan

Director & Founder | Bachelor of Information Technology- University of Moratuwa

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